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Our registered heating & renewable energy specialists Provide a first-class green heating and plumbing service to the South East of England, priding ourselves on high-quality workmanship. Based in Marden, we provide Gas Safe heating services and solutions throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Under Floor Heating

Underfloor water heating provides all customers with an accurate system installation beneath any surface throughout your home or property, including carpet, wooden flooring, tile, stone, etc. Some of the most popular underfloor heating installations are underneath open-plan living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. 

It offers a fantastic economical alternative to regular household radiator heating, and this is because heating is distributed far more quickly throughout a house than through the use of a radiator. It does not generate as much of a drastic dust build-up that traditional heating systems, like radiators, tend to do. 

Typically, an underfloor system helps lower energy bills by vastly improving the boiler's efficiency by approximately 3%. 


There are a vast amount of benefits of installing underfloor heating for your companies building or domestic household:

  • Works at lower temperatures than radiators, increasing boiler and heat-pump efficiency and reducing running costs
  • Distributes heat evenly to ensure a consistent floor temperature across the room
  • Getting rid of radiators frees up wall space and reduces dust build-up
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust and durable system

Bathroom Installations

Look no further for those in search of professional bathroom instalments in your local area. Claygate Heating and Renewables Limited Ltd offers its customers and clients bathroom heating, plumbing, design and efficient underfloor heating for households and properties, both domestic and commercial. 

Suppose you're looking to maximise your bathroom space. Our professionals have the skills and talents to create a brand new design that will open up the appearance. Perhaps you wish to update the existing layout to revitalise the room. Our team of staff can assist you with some of the markets most competitive prices and fittings to achieve the most stunning and unique designs that reflect precisely what you're searching for. 

Our professional installers will work with you closely to understand what you need and your accurate specifications so that we can repair, replace or redesign a tailored bathroom. 

Be sure to contact us today for further support or information on bathroom refurbishment, installation and design. 

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar thermal water heating systems are incredibly low-maintenance, straightforward to control and have efficiency for quality performance. It is a system that offers approximately 60% of household water yearly from renewable and clean energy sources. 

It can transfer most energy from the solar panel's or solar heat collector directly to the hot water cylinder in your home or property. 

They never need to be exposed to daylight to work efficiently; it works on cloudy days when the sun cannot be seen. 

Many properties and houses do not need any planning permission from the local authorities to install the solar thermal water heating system. However, if you live inside a listed building or conservation area, it is best to double-check this requirement with the local planning office or council. 


Many advantages exist when utilising a solar PV thermal water heating system, including:

  • It saves you money on your energy bills
  • Produces up to 60% of your household's hot water
  • It costs less to install than other micro-generation technologies
  • It continues to work all through the year (depending on weather conditions) and will work on cloudy days)

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps, also known as air source heat pumps, can extract plenty of warm air existing outside, cleverly using it as a form of renewable energy. Such a method of heat production offers customers and homeowners a more energy-efficient and low-cost technique of creating hot water and heating that will ultimately reduce energy bills.

It provides clients with excellent heating performance. Each 1kW of electricity produced and consumed by the heating system, the pump will return approximately 4kW of heating. Doing so means your pump is more efficient for the indoor unit while generating far lower bills when it comes to central heating and hot water production. 

Air-to-water or air source heating pumps can increase heat in temperatures lower than -20 degrees centigrade.

There are numerous benefits to the air source heat pumps, for example:

  • Energy-efficient - 4kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity
  • A low-energy alternative to a traditional boiler, reducing your heating and hot water bills
  • Suitable for use with wet heating systems
  • It can be used in combination with a gas or oil-fired boiler - lower your fossil fuel consumption!
  • The outdoor unit can be installed up to 70m from your property
  • Optional LCD controller for greater flexibility
  • Easy installation and maintenance by a qualified refrigerant engineer

Ground Source Heat Pumps Installation

To provide a low and more natural carbon emission heat suitable for the estate or building is using ground source heat pumps. These pumps help efficiently extract heat from the ground, which will be used to create hot water and heat your radiators. 

Ground source heat pumps are pipes that have been buried underground in what is known as a ground loop, and it circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze. In doing so, the heat is quickly absorbed into the fluid. The fluid then passes into the heat pump through the heat exchanger. 

The ground source heat pump is effective as it allows the ground below the surface to remain at a consistent temperature to utilise throughout the year. For those with extensive garden areas, you may seriously benefit from having several heat pumps, as the larger you make the ground-loop, the fluid will attract more heat into the fluid. 

Suppose you have a more limited amount of space outside your home; you can use a vertical bore-hole instead. 

Ground source heat pumps have several advantages for any household or property. The following are:

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  • For every 1kW of electricity used, GSHP systems can return up to 4kW in heat
  • The Government offers financial help through its Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Lower the carbon emissions of your household by replacing fossil fuels
  • Once installed, GSHP require no fuel deliveries and little maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Any heating or cooling system needs to undergo frequent maintenance solutions, including air conditioning units, to ensure their lifespan is much longer and the system performs better overall. When your air-con unit performs better, it will ultimately be more energy-efficient. Claygate Heating and Renewables Limited Ltd offers its customer's maintenance services, installation and complete design of the air conditioning system you desire. Maintenance of these systems ensures efficiency when you utilise them the most for the warmer months. 

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