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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning units provide both cooling and heating for your home or office.

It is vital for your air conditioning units to undergo regular maintenance, ensuring your system lasts longer, performs better and remains more energy-efficient.

Traditional Air Conditioning Sytems:

Claygate Heating & Renewables Ltd offer complete design, installation and maintenance services for your air conditioning systems, providing advice on the most appropriate units to suit your individual requirements, including wall-mounted or ceiling cassettes, depending on your preference.

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps:

Comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, an Air-to-Air Heat Pump can extract heat from the air even on cold winter days.

The outdoor unit converts heat from the air into energy which you can use to heat your house or office.

The heat energy absorbed by refrigerant solution in the outside unit transfers the energy into the indoor unit, and heats your property.

A major benefit of Air-to-Air Heat Pumps is that they include air purification technology which can help those who suffer from allergies.