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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps provide a natural and low carbon emission source of heat for your home, extracting heat from the ground and using it to heat radiators and hot water.

Ground Source Heat Pumps use pipes buried in the ground (a Ground-Loop) which circulate a mixture of antifreeze and water.  The heat is absorbed from the ground into the fluid and passes through a heat-exchanger into a heat pump.

The advantage of a Ground Source Heat Pump is that the ground remains at a consistent temperature below the surface, and its heat can be used throughout the year.

If you have a large garden area, you can benefit from more heat pumps, as the larger your ground-loop, the more heat can be drawn into the fluid.

For properties with limited outside space, a vertical bore-hole can be used instead of a large ground-loop.

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps:

  • For every 1kW of electricity used, GSHP systems can return up to 4kW in heat
  • The Government offers financial benefits through its Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Lower the carbon emissions of your household by replacing fossil fuels
  • Once installed, GSHP require no fuel deliveries and little maintenance