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Solar Thermal Water Heating

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint!  A Solar Thermal Water Heating System uses less fossil fuel than conventional heating and reduces the amount of energy you use to heat water.

We can install a Solar Thermal Water Heating system easily if you already have a regular boiler and conventional heating system installed.

Solar Thermal Water Heating systems are efficient, easy to control and low-maintenance. 

They can provide up to 60% of your yearly household water from clean and renewable energy sources.

The solar collector transfers the energy from solar heat to your hot water cylinder.

The solar collectors do not need to be exposed to direct sunlight and will work on cloudy days.

Most homes do not require planning permission to install a Solar Thermal Water Heating system (although if you live in a Conservation Area or a listed building, you may need to check with your local Planning Office). 

Benefits of Solar Thermal Water Heating:

  • Saves you money on your energy bills
  • Produces up to 60% of your household's hot water
  • Costs less to install than other micro-generation technologies
  • Continues to work all through the year (depending on weather conditions), and will work on cloudy days