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Under Floor Heating

Imagine the feel of a cosy, warm floor on a cold winter morning...

Under Floor Water Heating can provide this, with the ability to install the system beneath tile, stone, carpet or wooden flooring throughout the house, with the most popular installations being in bathrooms, kitchens and open-plan living areas.

Offering an economical alternative to radiator heating, under floor heating distributes heat more efficiently than radiators and does not create the dust build-up of traditional heating systems. 

 A typical under floor heating system can improve boiler efficiency by 3% compared to radiators.

Benefits of Under Floor Heating:

  • Works at lower temperatures than radiators, increasing boiler and heat-pump efficiency and reducing running costs
  • Distributes heat evenly to ensure a consistent floor temperature across the room
  • Getting rid of radiators frees up wall space and reduces dust build-up
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust and durable system